Show And Tell Time

After careful consideration, I ordered my first pair of menswear-inspired oxford pumps yesterday. Behold, Seychelles’ “Clue” in Mustard.

If you’re thinking this looks familiar, it’s because we originally featured this gorgeous specimen in our post Trend Watch: Menswear-Inspired Shoes. At the time, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was going on and the only colors available were Mushroom and Whisky (which I adore, but didn’t have to have; of course, at the time they were also $87 instead of $129 but c’est la vie).

Anyhow, the shoes arrived today (thanks for the free overnight shipping, Endless!), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The color is true-to-life and the detailing is beautiful. Best of all, they fit like a dream and feel like you’re standing on a cloud. I have a feeling I’ll be living in them for the next couple of seasons, and I can’t wait.



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