Extra, Extra: Free Shipping At U.O.

We love the absolute feeling of freedom that comes with online shopping. No lines, digging for your size amidst a hay bale of clothes or feeling just slightly rude as you snipe the last pair of gray suede pumps in a size 7 – just as another girl is trying to do the same. Hey, you snooze – you lose.

Nope, not out here. Here it’s just you, the world-wide-web and endless possibilities.

But all that euphoria comes to a abrupt halt when you see what they are charging you for shipping & handling. We know, right? What a rip.  But today we bring to you good news, friends. Our favorite retailer, Urban Outfitters, is offering free shipping on all orders through 3AM EST on 8/25. Even better? Not a ton of fine print, which means no minimum purchase of $5,000.

Just enter the secret code: FREEFALL at checkout.

Now go out there and get ‘um troops.



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