BFF Necklaces: Not Just For Middle-School Anymore

We have taken it upon ourselves to bring back the iconic BFF necklace. Well, maybe “back” isn’t the right term since we’re sure they’re still pretty fly in middle schools nationwide. Let’s say instead we’re elevating them to a chicer status. No longer are BFF necklaces only found at Claire’s boutique and consist of two rubber hearts that conveniently fit together. Although that had its time and place.

A few some odd years later the foundation remains the same. Much like our playground days, these grown-up bestie links represent a bosom bond – something words just can’t do justice. Because really each time we rock these necklaces, what we’re really saying to each other is so much more than “I really love the heck out of you.” It’s much deeper.  Here’s the bill:

1) I can now borrow all your clothes. Where did you find this gem?!

2) And I may or may not give them back. Okay, I will . . . eventually.

3) We can sleep in the same bed and it’s normal (something we have done on many occasions. HELL-O tiniest bed ever in NYC).

4) If they don’t love you, I don’t like them. End of story.

5) Secrets are no fun, which is why we have none.

6) I’ll share my umbrella with you. Even when there is clearly not room for both of us.

7) I will always take your side, even if you’re maybe a little wrong (He said what?! That’s bullsh*t).

8) I’ll pay you back later, promise.

9) You’re so funny. No you’re so funny!

10) We rock. Yeah, we really do – have I mentioned how cute you look today?

We take this BFF status very seriously. For our signature look, we sport a tiny star necklace by Lucid New York. It’s understated and delicate, yet noticeably lovely. The 14k gold-filled star itself comes on a 16” chain. The length of the necklace adds to our adoration. Since it falls right at the base of the neckline, it takes us out of the unsure ‘is it too long or too short’ territory.  Plus it goes with everything and we mean everything.

Bonus: each time we wear them we are reminded on how we are going to run this town one day – together.

Lucid New York “Tiny Star Necklace”


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