A Happy Monday Surprise

The walk into work Monday morning is typically not a happy one. The weekend is over and feels like it never happened as you make your way closer to your cubicle, the sound of a Civil War drum beat in your head as you march forward.

So imagine my delight to see this in the Neiman Marcus window display as I passed by this morning. It brought me so much joy, I practically skipped the rest of my way into work.

Note: I realize the picture quality certainly isn’t the best, so my sincerest apologies about that. It’s a little tricky with a window and I didn’t want to look completely deranged so I snapped the pic and continued walking as if nothing had happened.

Anyhow, I walked past, did a double take and backed up to stare. In the window was the Rachel Zoe wrap collar cape I’ve been coveting since our Fashion Craving: Capes post, and it was even more magnificent in person. Paired with a black LSD (little sequin dress), subtle fishnets and ankle booties, I DIE for this outfit.

Paying your mortgage every month isn’t that important, right?



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