Street Style Report: It’s All About The Accessories

At first glance, Anne Marie’s outfit may seem a bit simple or unexciting. On closer inspection, you’ll find that it only appears to be this way because of how perfectly all of the individual elements come together.

With an oatmeal colored dress acting as a blank canvas, Anne Marie layered on a multitude of gorgeous accessories until the outfit had just enough personality without looking busy. We love that her flat black braided sandals give the look a bit of edge while the pattern on the belt adds a tribal touch. But the key to this outfit’s success was in keeping all of the accessories neutral. Because they weren’t in competition, every piece worked in unison to make the ensemble cohesive.

Here’s the scoop on Anne Marie’s look:

Dress: Alternative Earth brand purchased at Ragstock

Belt: Penobscot belt from Anthropologie 

Sandals: N.Y.L.A.

Sunglasses: Armani Exchange

Ready for the moral of the story? Sometimes accessories are an afterthought or overlooked altogether, but as Anne Marie has shown us, they play a crucial role and can make or break any outfit.


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