Seeing Dots

While florals have been huge over the last year, a different pattern has quietly been making a move for the spotlight. Polka dots are the style du jour, seen on the likes of Alexa Chung, our girl Taylor Swift, Rihanna and countless others everywhere from red carpets to around town. Sweet, flirty or edgy, this pattern can do it all.

Large or small, polka dots can be found on everything; dresses, shoes and handbags are just the beginning. 

Looking to stick with the basics? We love these pieces:

Modcloth Loca for Polka Dress: $59.99


Fred Flare Tulle Polka Dotted Margie Coat: $94

And as Rihanna showed us above, dots don’t have to go it alone in a fab outfit. Mixing patterns can result in greatness or disaster, depending on how you go about it.

A few rules of thumb to prevent from looking like you got dressed in the dark:

  • Don’t go overboard: pair two patterns together and call it a day. Three (or more) is a crowd.
  • Speaking of which, 3 colors is plenty – ROYGBIV isn’t invited to this party.
  • To mix conservatively, stick to a neutral color scheme or base to anchor the outfit.
  • Match a “hard” pattern (like stripes) with a “soft” pattern (like dots) like Rihanna did.
  • Pair pieces with varied pattern sizes such as a small floral and large dots – the small pattern acts as a solid in the outfit.

Choose wisely and you’re guaranteed to turn heads. Choose poorly and you’ll turn heads for all the wrong reasons. Be careful out there.


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