I Dream of Closets

The other day while online researching for the blog, I got distracted and started looking at pictures of closets. Glorious, amazing closets belonging to everyone from A-list celebs to people who simply have lots of money. Here are a couple of the most impressive celebrity closets.

We love the sliding ladder in Christina Aguilera’s closet but are slightly nauseated by the Pepto Bismol color.

Mariah Carey certainly has a lot of shoes but word on the street is our favorite Canadian diva Celine Dion has three times as many pairs. We’re dying to see what that looks like.

No, this isn’t a high-end boutique. It’s just the other part of Mariah’s closet.

When we saw this picture we were surprised Paris Hilton’s closet wasn’t as large as we imagined it might be. Then we figured out that was only part of the closet.

And then we figured out that this is only one of multiple closets. Of course. Want to see it all? Check out this video in which Paris herself gives a tour of her closets.

Since I first stumbled across all of these I haven’t been able to stop thinking about closets and have decided that I want to give my closet a major overhaul. I want it to be more organized, inviting, and to do a better job of showcasing the clothes, shoes, purses and accessories that give me so much joy.

Currently the closet looks a little something like this:

You can tell I didn’t tidy up before taking this pic, no?

Anyhow, in my perusing of closets I came across Kim Cattrall’s which surprisingly doesn’t look much bigger than mine, giving me hope that perhaps someday my closet can look similar to this:

When I eventually tackle this project I’m hoping to do it on the cheap, so I foresee a trip or two to Ikea in my future. I suppose that also means my closet won’t quite look like Kim’s.

— Maureen


2 thoughts on “I Dream of Closets

  1. First – Love your blog! C. Finn introduced me! 🙂 Second- Maureen, when you revamp your closet, you MUST try these hangers (link below). I’m not sure on this exact brand, but this type of hangers is AMAZING. So much more room & things don’t slide off of them! I bought some on the cheap at TjMaxx & Marshalls. Just wanted to share the love! 🙂


    • Thanks Abbey! So glad you’re liking lovesthat! Thanks also for the suggestion – funny thing is I just picked up some of these a few days ago! I’m loving them and will probably be heading back to the store to buy more of them soon.

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