Ashley & Maureen Take Macy’s By Storm

Honest, you can’t take us anywhere.  Let us out of the office for merely a lunch hour and this is what happens.

“We’ll just look,” is how it starts out every time. We both know very well that once those Macy’s doors open, it’s every girl for themselves. Because this is our nirvana. A haven. The homeland.  And what’s a gal to do? We recognize the weakness and tell each other we’ll be strong, discourage splurges and  know when to just walk away. But really, who are we kidding? We ARE the problem.  A deadly duo. “You have to have that. There is nothing like it in your closet. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

So in we go. First off, we notice this is no regular Macy’s. This Macy’s has a game plan. They’ve hired a professional D.J. who just “happens” to be blaring Miley (perfect trance music). 45 minutes and a few Party in the USA’s later we’ve dropped $198.29. Our purchases today include to-die-for Chanel nail polishes in Peridot and Graphite, an equally fabulous NARS polish shade called Desperado, two bright pink NARS blushes (c’mon you have to have a cream base AND a powder, right?!) and a multiple stick in Luxor. Worth. Every. Penny.

We’re most excited about the new nail colors. While we certainly love the bright, fun shades of summer and are absolutely sure we will miss them dearly come January, we are ready to break out the darker fall hues. So, thank you Chanel and NARS for being color geniuses. We’ll be back for more. We always are.


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