Reason Number 1,586 We Wish We Lived In NY: The Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” Exhibit At The Met

It’s true – we’re both New Yorkers at heart. The only sticking point may be our love of colorful clothing but we both look pretty good in black too.

Today’s reason why we wish we could be in the greatest city in the world is to visit the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art before it closes on Sunday August 7th. This past weekend the attendance record for a fashion exhibit was broken with more than 582,000 visitors since opening on May 4th.

Curated by The Costume Institute, works from Alexander McQueen’s 19 year career are on display including roughly 100 ensembles and 70 accessories. From the breathtakingly beautiful to the slightly sinister, McQueen’s genius borders on madness and is simply stunning no matter which way you look at it.

For more on the exhibit, visit exhibit’s web page here.


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