Headbands. We Love Them. XOXO.

Headbands are a girl’s best friend. We know, we know – look back at pictures of yourself at three-years-old and you may disagree. Perhaps it was made of a polka-dotted fabric to match your polka-dotted skirt, shirt, socks and even leggings. The whole nine yards (thanks Mom). Sad thing is, you don’t need a picture to remember. Your sheer terror is enough to bring that memory to the surface. So hear us out.

Forget the so-called Gossip Girl trend (although we secretly couldn’t be more thankful for that show for putting headbands back on the map). The truth is, headbands never went out of style. In fact, we say they are a necessity. One of the most versatile pieces you can own, a great headband can turn any drab outfit around into a show-stopper. And we love how much they let your personality shine. Which means you don’t need to wear a huge bow on your head if it isn’t your cup of tea. But hey, some people love that (ahem, Ashley).

Two of our favorite up-and-coming designers?: New York Nat and Mandizzle. We’ve  seen Nat’s lovely pieces on G.G. and they can also be found at the iconic Henri Bendel’s in NY: http://newyorknat.com/

Mandizzle’s lookbook can be found on our other favorite site, Etsy. We can’t get enough of her girly flair and are contemplating buying every piece: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Mandizzle

And seriously. Who doesn’t love any excuse to channel their inner Blair Waldorf? You know what we’re talking about.


A & M

New York Nat



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