Style Mission Impossible: Summer Hats

Let me start by saying that while I love the idea of hats, I don’t generally consider myself to be a “hat person.” The sad truth is that most hats just do not look good on me.

This has made my recent shopping excursions especially frustrating, as I’ve (still) been trying to find the perfect summer hat. While I do love the classic giant floppy beach sunhat, I’m looking for something a bit more versatile that can be worn out and about. This has proven to be quite the difficult goal, and one that I haven’t yet fulfilled.

Ashley believes that no one looks good in fedoras, but I tend to disagree. Just take a look at Blake Lively rocking an awesome green fedora and try to tell me she doesn’t look fabulous (granted, most of us do not look like Blake Lively, but this is still proof that looking good in a fedora is possible).

I’ve tried (semi) desperately to find the perfect fedora that will make me look impossibly adorable and cool at the same time in order to prove Ashley wrong but thus far have come up empty-handed.

I did find a cute cloche hat (below) that I enjoyed, although I couldn’t shake the thought that cloche hats belong in the fall and winter seasons.

And so I continue my search for the perfect summer hat even has summer is beginning to dwindle away. I’m not giving up hope yet that the right one is out there for me. Maybe it will even be on end of season clearance when I find it.

— Maureen


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