Heaven On Earth

As it turns out, you can die twice. I know because it’s happened to me. Figuratively speaking of course. And might I say it’s all thanks to Mila Kunis.

So brace yourselves for round one. When Mila stepped onto the red carpet for the 2011 Oscar’s in this Elie Saab dress, I literally hit the floor. For this moment, my world came to a complete stop. They say you should believe in love at first sight and for me, this was the big one. I figured God might as well call me up at that moment because quite frankly, could it get any better? I’d seen it all.

But now the impossible has happened once again. Last night Mila stepped-up her game at the Friends With Benefits premiere in Moscow. This time in another Elie Saab dress. And ya know what, it’s perfect. There is nothing else to say about it. Certainly now I’ve seen it all (but Lord knows I’ve said that before).

First love sure does die hard though.



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