Style Relapse: Sheer Clothing

It’s hard to say exactly what’s happening with sheer clothing these days. Never really a sweeping trend, sheer items have sporadically popped up on gutsy celebs  for years and this year is no exception.

There’s a spectrum of wearability when it comes to sheer outfits. On one end, you have Lady Gaga.

There’s no explanation needed for this one.

Somewhere in the middle lies Fergie, whose top isn’t the issue – it’s everything else in the outfit that’s a problem.

On the far end of the spectrum you find outfits like those of Katie Holmes, Emma Watson, Miranda Kerr, and Gwen Stefani. Sexy, yet subtle. Well done, ladies.

One thing is undeniable: if you’re looking to turn heads, a sheer piece will do it every time. As evidenced by Fergie, just be thoughtful when pulling together the look.

And a final piece of advice? Never, NEVER do this:


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